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OE Electrics ‘about us’ video

In 2014 I’d asked one of my team members to go out to the offices and production and take loads of photos and video footage in the hope of creating an end of year review for the company update meeting.

A month later, I rebranded the company; renaming it from Office Electrics to OE Electrics. All the branded shirts in the video were wrong!

Instead of putting the whole project in the bin I decided to cut all the content together in a short video. Everyone was so impressed at the company update meeting that I decided we had to put it out on our website and YouTube. 

It was a complete success and we even had companies wanting to do business with us based on them seeing the video.

One of the best returns on creating the video was the impact it had internally; nobody realised just how much fun they had a work!

We’ve since made an updated version which has proved just as popular.