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QikFit European Website

The QikFit range was designed exclusively for Europe and needed a completely separate website and brochure. It also needed to be translated into German and French.

As we were working to a tight deadline but had no actual products to photograph, all images were 3d renders produced in house by me and my team. I would always rather have actual photography than renders, but in this case, we had no choice. It also gave us an opportunity to created some ‘exploded’ renders to illustrate how the units were assembled.

As this range and website were aimed at a different market to usual, we changed design tactics slightly on how we approached the design. In the first instance, we did a lot of research into our European competitors, most of whom were German. We then interviewed potential distributors to see how the website and brochure would best work for them.

All in all an interesting project that is still yet to reach its full potential.